1.  How does your order process work?

Our order process is very quick & easy.  You can send an email to with your quotation request / order.  We then send you the relevant details for payment.  As soon as payment and artwork (in the case of branded orders) has been received, your order will be placed and you will be advise as soon as it is ready  for delivery.


2.  Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver all over South Africa via trusted courier services


3.  Do you allow collections

Unfortunately not, as most orders are shipped directly from our suppliers.


4.  What are lead times for orders?

Lead times depend on quantities, branded & unbranded orders.  However our normal lead time are usually 3-5 working days for unbranded orders & 7-10 working days for branded orders.


5.  Why do I have to pay setup fee on each branded order?

Even though our suppliers have the artwork on file, all machines have to be set up for individual orders.  The machine settings are different for each item and must be adjusted for each order.  The greater part of the setup fee is charged for the amount of time and the labour involved in setting up a machine.  Setup takes approximately 45-60 minutes.


6.  Do you have minimum order quantities?

No.  It is important for us to assist clients with any amount of items they may need.  In certain cases minimum quantities might apply, but will be specified.